Änderungen in Park- und Campingbereichen



In 2018, you will need a separate, pre-purchased camping ticket to use a Rock am Ring camping area. This simplifies how we handle things on site as well as capacity planning and also means we can offer attendees more flexibility when planning their festival visit.

The following camping categories are available: General Parking & Camping, Green Parking & Camping, Rock’n’Roll Parking & Camping, Caravan Camping and Rock am Ring Experience.To use the camping areas, you will need the following tickets:

General Camping: 1 General Parking & Camping ticket per attendee
Green Camping: 1 Green Parking & Camping ticket per attendee
Rock’n’Roll Camping: 1 Rock’n’Roll Parking & Camping ticket per attendee
Rock am Ring Experience: Experience package (including festival ticket)
Caravan B-Zone: 1 Caravan Camping ticket per attendee and 1 Caravan Badge B per vehicle
Caravan C-Zone: 1 Caravan Camping ticket per attendee and 1 Caravan Badge C per vehicle
Caravan D-Zone: 1 Caravan Camping ticket per attendee and 1 Caravan Badge D per vehicle


After the successful return to the Nürburgring, several changes have been made to the layout of the parking and camping areas in 2018 due to high demand from fans for caravan and camping areas with power supplies and to optimise supplies in general.

Rock’n’Roll Camping
Due to demand, Rock’n’Roll Camping will be moved to areas B5, B5a, B5b and B5c. Up to 12,500 fans will have the chance to book camping with supplied power. You will need a Rock’n’Roll Parking & Camping ticket to use this area.

Caravan Camping areas:
There will be 3 Caravan Camping zones.
The B-Zone comprises sites B2a, B3, B4 and B4a. In addition to one Caravan Camping ticket per person, every vehicle needs a Caravan Badge B in this zone.
The C-Zone comprises sites C6c, C7 and C8. In addition to one Caravan Camping ticket per person, every vehicle needs a Caravan Badge C in this zone.
The D-Zone comprises sites D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6 and D7. In addition to one Caravan Camping ticket per person, every vehicle needs a Caravan Badge D in this zone.
Caravan badges are limited for each zone, as are the Caravan Camping tickets.

General Camping
Area B9 is becoming a parking-only area. In return, camping areas in C1 and C2 are being expanded. Area C6a is becoming a separate parking and a camping area. All other general camping areas will be as in 2017. You will need a General Parking & Camping ticket to use this area.

Green Camping
Green Camping will again be provided in area D9 in Nürburg. You will need a Green Parking & Camping ticket to use this area. The introduction of a special ticket category means you no longer need to register separately for 2018.

Camping for attendees with disabilities and for motorcyclists
The campsite is being moved from D10 to B2. This significantly shortens the distance for attendees from the campsite to the entrance. Motorcyclists can camp on this site with their motorcycles. The site has wheelchair-accessible sanitary facilities and showers as well as power supplied by the organiser for attendees with disabilities. You will need a General Parking & Camping category ticket for B2. Attendees with disabilities need to register free of charge to access this campsite with a vehicle and to use the power supplies. Registration is only possible by sending an email to [email protected] and providing the following information: last name, first name, ticket number and vehicle type (motorhome, caravan, minibus or car)


You don’t need to book an early-arrival ticket to arrive on the Wenesday in 2018. With the exception of the Rock am Ring Experience category, all camping areas open at noon on Wednesday 30 May 2018 and can be accessed by all camping ticket holders. The Rock am Ring Experience opens at 2pm on Wednesday, 30 May 2018.


Fans who don’t want to camp only require a festival ticket. They will be able to park their cars for a daily fee on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in P98 on the B412 and take the Red shuttle bus route to the event site.


No waste deposit will be charged in 2018. A waste deposit is no longer being charged, as insufficient attention was being paid to the associated offers and obligations. At the same time, the organisers are increasing their efforts towards ensuring a clean festival and the proper disposal of waste.


The Green bus route, which circulates around B5, will also run in the evenings and at night in 2018 and, like the other routes, operate between 9am and 4am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

For late arrivals who want to camp with friends in the camping areas near to the Ring, but who can’t find any more parking spots there, a shuttle bus is being arranged from P98 on the B412 which will operate on the Red route from as early as Thursday evening and also allow a return to P98 on Monday morning.