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Parking cars and trailers in designated parking areas is allowed, but camping or sleeping in vehicles is not. The parking areas for the General, Green, Rock’n’Roll and Experience categories are each located close to their respective camping areas. Please follow the signs. Access to the parking areas is only permitted with a valid camping ticket. Attendees who don’t want to camp on site can park their car for a fee in the day-parking area P 98 on the B412 and use the Red route shuttle-bus service. The name of the bus stop is “Pflanzgarten”.


All camping areas are close to the parking areas and only accessible by foot. Unloading luggage is only possible in the parking areas. Luggage can be only transported from the parking areas to the camping areas with handcarts, hand trucks or platform trolleys. Vehicle trailers are not permitted in the camping areas. The permitted space per person in camping areas in the categories General Camping, Green Camping and Rock-n-Roll Camping is a maximum of 6m², e.g. 2m x 3m. One (1) gazebo with a maximum size of 3m x 3m is permitted for groups of up to 10 people. In the Rock’n’Roll Camping areas, power will be supplied by the organiser. The parking and camping rules apply. Further information here
To use the camping areas, you will need the following tickets:
General Camping: 1 General Parking & Camping ticket per attendee
Green Camping: 1 Green Parking & Camping ticket per attendee
Rock’n’Roll Camping: 1 Rock’n’Roll Parking & Camping ticket per attendee
Rock am Ring Experience: Experience Ticket


Only motorhomes, caravans, tent trailers with a towing vehicle or camper vans with installed bunks may be parked in the caravan camping areas. One (1) additional awning, tent or gazebo may be put up next to these vehicles. Caravan groups who arrive with different types of vehicles need to be prepared to park regular cars in the general parking areas close to the Caravan Camping areas. In the Caravan Camping areas, power will be supplied by the organiser. Further information here
To use the Caravan Camping areas, you will need the following tickets:
Caravan B-Zone: 1 Caravan Camping ticket per attendee and 1 Caravan Badge B per vehicle
Caravan C-Zone: 1 Caravan Camping ticket per attendee and 1 Caravan Badge C per vehicle
Caravan D-Zone: 1 Caravan Camping ticket per attendee and 1 Caravan Badge D per vehicle


These symbols indicate campsite B2 for motorcyclists and attendees with disabilities and people accompanying them. Motorcyclists can camp next to their motorcycles on this site. The site has wheelchair-accessible sanitary facilities and showers as well as power supplied by the organiser. You will need a General Parking & Camping category ticket for B2. Attendees with disabilities need to register free of charge to access this campsite with a vehicle and to use the power supplies. Registration is only possible by sending an email to [email protected] and providing the following information: last name, first name, ticket number and vehicle type (motorhome, caravan, minibus or car).


This is the stop for special buses provided by the operator RMV to and from Koblenz and Ahrbrück train stations as well as buses provided by Schneider-Bank Reisen to and from Cologne, Bonn and Cologne/Bonn airport.
The bus stop in D10 may also be used by other bus companies for picking up and dropping off travel groups.
You can find more information on routes, providers, journey times and prices here.


There is a Beck´s RockSquare in B2, located on the way up to the main entrance. It’s open from Thursday to Sunday and entry is free every day!


Free bicycle parking is located in B2, next to the info point. The parking area is enclosed, and stewards are nearby. You are responsible for securing your bikes with locks. The organiser will not assume any liability for damage. The bicycle parking area is accessible at all times from 12pm on Wednesday, 30 May 2018 to 12pm on Monday, 4 June 2018.


The outfield info points are located near the main entrance in B2 and on the roundabout at the entrance to the town of Nürburg. During the festival, you also have access to the info point in Luna Park. Details on how to reach the info points, and their opening times, will be announced here in good time before the start of the event.


We have organised a Kiss-and-Ride parking area where attendees can be dropped off and picked up. The Kiss-and-Ride parking area is located on the roundabout in front of the Nürburgring info°center.


The police station is located on the B258 in “Haus B” at the entrance to the Dorint Hotel am Nürburgring. It is freely accessible to everyone.


There are sanitary stations with flushing toilets and showers in the following areas: A2/A5, B2a, B5, C3, D2, D6, D9, Krebsberg, Schwalbenschwanz, Brünnchen and in B2 (equipped with wheelchair-accessible showers). In addition, portable toilets and drinking-water stations are available in all areas. The use of the flushing toilets is free of charge at Rock am Ring 2018! There is a €3 fee for the showers in the sanitary stations. Discounted, transferable 5-shower-tickets and personal flat-rates for showers are also available.


Valuables and other important items can be deposited for a fee at central BigBox service stations at the main entrance Info Point and at the north entrance.
You can also use a locker to securely charge mobile phones and other equipment such as sound systems, tablets or laptops.
The stations at both sites are open at all times from 12am Thursday to 12am Monday.
You can book your lockers online now at
Here you will also find all other information, such as on locker sizes and charging facilities.


The Lidl Rockshop is located in B1, just 100m away from the main entrance. Here you’ll find a wide variety of food, beverages and other festival supplies as well as ice to cool your groceries! All shuttle buses stop at the supermarket from 9am daily, helping you with your shopping before you visit the festival.


There is a taxi stand on the roundabout on the B258 opposite the Nürburgring info°center. It is signposted.