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Vadim Samoylov

Sonntag 15:05–15:40 @ Alternastage


Vadim Samoylov is the founder and frontman of one of the most iconic Russian rock bands «Agata Kristi».

Vadim created his group more than 30 years ago in Asbest, a small industrial town in Ural region. At the beginning he was really inspired by Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes and was experimenting a lot with art and progressive rock. But after a while it came to an authentic sound and arrangements, blend of rock music with operettas' aesthetics, that attracted admirers throughout the all Soviet Union.

In 1989, the band was representing Soviet rock at the Glasgow festival. In 1991 won a Grand Prix at Open Du Rock, the new bands contest in France.

The real fame came to the band after the release of the album «The Shameful Star». More over it was the first album that was released on CD, which was new format in Russia. By that moment their sound became more post-punk, influenced by Joy Division, The Cure and others.

The release of the next album "Opium" (1995) raised the group status to the stadium level and musicians became top famous Russian rock stars. In this album Vadim Samoylov finalized and shaped his «signature sound»— creative ironic eclectic, out of new wave, techno and europop, with adds of a heavy guitar sound.

In 1998 they are receiving the World Music Award as a Best selling foreign band.

Many their outrageous songs through years became epic and created the best soundtrack to the post-Soviet 90's.

At the moment, the group's style is a great blend of everything that was mentioned. But as Vadim says: it's not a Style, it's a Handwriting.

The main theme of Vadim's work and inspiration was and still remains the Man's inner world: his fears, guilt, eternal struggle and fight between light and dark.