Antilopen Gang

The Antilopen Gang consists of Koljah, Danger Dan and Panik Panzer. Their paths crossed somewhere between Düsseldorf and Aachen in 2003. From then on, they brought political underground rap to the country's alternative youth centres, squats and cellar holes with various collaborators. In 2009, they founded the Antilopen Gang with their friend NMZS. Their undogmatic, Dadaist rap style was radically different from everything else around at the time, but went largely unnoticed - until everything changed in 2013. The death of NMZS throws the gang's world out of joint. When the remaining three Antilopes wake up from their shock, they put everything on the Antilopen card in a kind of self-therapy, followed by one of the most astonishing rises in German pop history: sold-out tours and huge festivals, a record deal with Tote Hosen's own label JKP, several top 10 albums including the first number 1, numerous awards, not forgetting the legal disputes they also won.

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