Does each person need a festival ticket and a camping ticket? 

Yes, every person who wants to enter the concert area needs their own festival ticket and a camping ticket to enter the camping areas. 

When can we arrive? 

We will open our camping areas on Wednesday, June 5 at 12:00. All camping tickets are valid from Wednesday 12:00 to Monday 12:00, noon.


Are there campsites with electricity?

Yes, electricity is available at the Rock'n'Roll Camp and the Caravan Camp. Connection: 16A, 230V (=Schuko)

May I bring generators?

No, for safety reasons, generators are not allowed on the premises.
But you can alternatively rent travel boxes from Crosstools, they work like a huge powerbank for cell phones, music and cool boxes, etc.

Which age limits apply for Rock am Ring?

*Guardians are usually the parents, in exceptional cases this can also be a legally appointed carer or legal guardian. The personal custody authorization cannot be transferred to other people, e.g. older friend or other family member.

How does admission to the festival infield work? 

Admission to the concert area is only possible with a festival wristband on your wrist. You can get this at all check-in stations. At the entrance your wristbands and bags will be checked.

How big can my bag be? 

You can bring all bags smaller than A4, as well as small gym bags.

Are there group tickets?

No. Each person needs a separate camping ticket. You can find the different camping categories here.

Special needs tickets

Persons with ID B can order tickets for themselves and one accompanying person on the following hotline +49 421 353 638
For the Special Needs Camp please register at

When can we arrive?

We will open our camping areas on Wednesday, June 5 at 12:00. All camping tickets are valid from Wednesday 12:00 to Monday 12:00, noon.

Which camping ticket do I need? 

Does everyone in our group need their own camping ticket even though we are sharing a tent?  

Yes, in the outfield each person needs their own camping ticket. 

In the Utopia Stage Camping next to the main stage, one camping ticket is valid for two people.  

Are there group tickets? 

No. Each person needs their own camping ticket.  

What is Green Camping? 

Nature conservation and waste disposal are important to us on all camping areas! At Green Camping, however, we particularly invite those visitors who want to be sure that their fellow campers follow a similar philosophy, to separate their waste diligently and to leave the campsite clean. 

In addition, there is a quiet period from 01:00 at night until 08:00 in the morning, during which we ask you to refrain from loud music and excessive party noise.

Are there camp sites with electricity? 

Yes, Caravan and RocknRoll Camping  have electricity. You will find a distribution box for shared use approximately every 50m. Remember to bring extension cables suitable for outdoor use and share them with your fellow campers.

Can I camp next to my vehicle? 

Yes, you can set up camp next to your car, caravan/camper, roof tent, etc. in all Caravan and Car & Tent Camping areas. 

You will need a Car & Tent or Caravan Pass per vehicle in addition to a camping ticket per person.

What is the difference between Caravan Camping and Car & Tent Camping? 

While Car & Tent areas are without electricity, electricity is available for shared use on all Caravan areas. 

You can camp right next to your vehicle in both areas. 

In Caravan Camping, you need one caravan camping ticket per person and one caravan pass for the respective zone per vehicle. 

On Car & Tent areas one General Camping Ticket per person and one Car & Tent Pass per vehicle.

What do the caravan zones B, C and D mean? 

The caravan zones entitle you to combined caravan parking and camping in the respective zone. You can park your vehicle next to your tent. Each person requires a Caravan Camping Ticket and each vehicle a Caravan Pass for the respective zone. 

This zone differentiation is important for us to be able to plan the capacities correctly. Each zone has an entrance to the infield in the immediate proximity.

Can I also park / camp separately? 

Yes, General, Green and RocknRoll Camping areas have separate parking lots. Separate parking is included with all three tickets. An additional vehicle ticket is only required if you want to camp right next to your vehicle.

Are Car & Tent Passes valid for camping and parking on both C6a and Hatzenbach?

Yes, we will fill the areas one after the other, if you want to camp together with another group, it is best to arrive together. 

What is Utopia Stage Camping? 

The Utopia Stage Camping Ticket is a plot in the infield with direct Front Of Stage Access and is valid for two people at a time. 

Arrival by car 

It is best to carpool to save unnecessary individual rides and fuel. Turn off your navigation system at the highway exit and follow the festival signs.  

By train + bus 

If you travel by train to Frankfurt, Cologne or Koblenz, you can take a city shuttle directly to the festival site from there.

Where can I get tickets for the Cityshuttle? 

You can buy your bus ticket from Frankfurt and Cologne in advance here

The bus tickets from Koblenz are available directly at the bus top near to the main station in Koblenz.


On Monday, June 10th at 12:00 noon we will start to clear the camping areas, which should be left by then.

Do you have day parking?  

Yes. You can park for the day between 11:00 and 05:00 with the Weekend Car Pass or purchased a day ticket on site.  

Where are the Kiss & Ride / drop off & pick up areas? 

In all day parking lots.

Great people who work tirelessly to make the world a better place. 

We want to give you the stage you deserve. We want to support and connect you to the Rock am Ring community to achieve even more together. 

We are looking for 

  • Startups  
  • clubs  
  • non-profit organizations 
  • NGOs  


 Jump into the festival fray with us and spread your vision among the rocking crowd! 

Encourage festival-goers to get actively involved and learn more about your project during exciting interaction. 

Tell us briefly who you are, what you do and how you want to present yourself at Rock am Ring.  

We look forward to posts from you at

KulturPass – what is it?

Alle, die 2024 ihren 18. Geburtstag feiern, erhalten von der Bundesregierung ein ganz besonderes Geschenk: den KulturPass! Dieser enthält ein Guthaben in Höhe von 100 Euro, das für Kulturangebote eingesetzt werden kann. Nutzt diese einmalige Chance, um euer Ticket für Rock am Ring 2024 vergünstigt zu kaufen.

So geht’s

Lade dir die KulturPass-App runter und registriere dich 
mit deinem digitalen Personalausweis in der App.

Wähle jetzt unter Events „Rock am Ring“ aus. Nach der Auswahl entscheidest du, wie viel deines KulturPass-Guthabens du in einen Wert-Code umwandeln möchtest.

Im Anschluss erhälst du einen Code, welcher 48 Stunden gültig ist, zusammen mit einem Link für unseren Ticketshop.
Klicke auf den Link und wähle die gewünschten Tickets aus.

Im Warenkorb gibst du dann deinen Wert-Code ein und schließt den Kauf ab.

That’s it – Welcome to Rock am Ring 2024!

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