Arriving by car: Please refer to the directions specified on the app and on the website. Turn off your navigation system as soon as you see the festival signage. This will be partly digital and will reflect current traffic conditions in order to give you the most stress-free journey. This system works best when everyone participates!

Arriving by train: The introduction of the 9 euro-ticket and planned construction work by Deutsche Bahn between Cologne and Mainz may cause disruption and full trains. Please inform yourself ahead of time about possible delays or cancellations via the Deutsche Bahn website and schedule enough time for your journey. The closest train station is Koblenz, from there you can take the city shuttle to the festival site, more information here.


Arriving by car: Have your tickets ready, they will be checked by our stewards (wearing red and yellow vests) at the entrance to the parking & camping areas.

Arriving by train or city shuttle: Please refer to the camping map on the app and on the website. The city shuttles will arrive at D10, from there you can easily reach the camping areas by foot. Both the Green Camping area (Zone D) and the General Camping area (Zone A) are within a 5 to 10 minute walking distance.


You can find the check-ins at every campsite. Each person must check in individually. It is not possible to pick up wristbands for friends or groups as there will be an ID age verification. All information regarding access and age regulations can be found here. Please make sure not to mix up your tickets, as these are linked to your cashless accounts and the respective credit if bought in advance.

Your tickets will be scanned by our festival check-in staff. The appropriate wristband will then be put on your arm. Your ticket is now linked to the wristband. You can keep your ticket, in fact, we advise you too keep it. Additionally you will receive your swap items (that’s if you have swapped of course) and your shower or shuttle flat rate (if you have booked them).

If you have already bought credit in advance, this will be transferred directly to your chip at check-in and you can immediately make cashless payments anywhere on site. The only exception will be the Lidl Rock Store, where payments are made as in every usual supermarket.


You didn’t buy credit in advance of the festival? Then go to one of the top-up stations on site, where you can buy credit using card or cash payment. The easiest way to buy credit though is online via app & website.


You can pick up your pre-orders at the following locations:
Warsteiner beer: shower camps at campsites B5 and C3
Cross Tools Tavelbox: shower camps at campsites B5, C3, D9 and Krebsberg.

Celebrate the perfect service: Lidl headlines Rock am Ring and Rock im Park with a festival store

Opening hours:
Wednesday, 01.06.: 14:00 - 00:00
Thursday, 02.06. - Monday, 06.06.: 07:00 - 04:00
Rock Store closes Monday 04:00 (AM)

The food retailer will serve music fans with everything they need for a relaxed festival weekend in its "Rock Stores". For the sixth time, Lidl is rocking the two twin festivals and, with its many years of festival experience, knows what's important: the festival branches put on a successful lineup of over 350 products, all at the usual competitive Lidl prices. Lidl offers a trolley service to make sure everything can be conveniently transported to the campsites. As an extra, there will be chill-out areas and a boom box with relaxed DJ music around the festival stores. 

Check what's in store here!

Enjoy the festival without worrying about your valuables – by using lockers from Safebox!

Safebox is located near the main entrance. With built-in sockets you can simultaneously charge your technical devices. The lockers are supervised day and night by our crew. They come in two sizes and with 15 or 90 Watt maximum socket power. We highly recommend that you book your locker online before the festival starts. If lockers remain available, you can also book them directly on site.

Book your locker now!

Energy that rocks!

Warm drinks, a dark tent, empty cell phone battery, hard camping mat: that's old school... For just €99 you and your friends can use the TRAVELBOX 500+ the whole festival (5x USB, 2x 230 V socket, 3x 12 V - 500 W total).

Surround yourself with plenty of good energy by sharing it! Light source, smartphone charging station, jukebox, air pump, cooler – pretty sure the people around you will love you for it. 

If you run out of power, the next TRAVELBOX is already waiting for you.

Just swap it and keep on rocking! The flat rate will always keep you connected! Pre-Order now

tentation starts the #sotrashandsoclean revolution

We rescue broken tents after festivals.
From the saved materials, new, sustainable products are created.

Did your tent break down? Don't just leave it! Bring it to the tentation Rescue Station or to one of our tentation Rescue Boxes at the campsites.

At the tentation Rescue Station we will tell you everything about upcycling and explain the problem with critical synthetic raw materials. You can also be creative and participate in one of our workshops on upcycling.

Be prepared for the next rain shower:

Since 2012, Utopia Camping has specialised in sustainable accommodation at music festivals. You can easily rent your camping gear in one place – tents, camping chairs, sleeping bags and other camping equipment. No need to buy.

At the end of the festival you just return the camping gear. Affordable. Practical. Sustainable.

Secure your tent now