23 May 22


Curtains up! From now on, you can pay without using cash on the entire grounds with a cashless chip on your wristband. Why? Faster, safer, better.

↯ Faster: fast and contactless payment
↯ Safer: reduces cash loss and theft
↯ Better: more time for your festival experience

How it works:
1.Registration & top-up: You can register your festival ticket before the festival and top-up your credit directly.
2.Wristband: We will exchange your ticket for a wristband with a cashless chip when you check-in at the festival.
3.Pay: Pay instantly and everywhere at the festival without using cash. You can top up your credit at any time using the app and top-up stations on the festival grounds.
4.Pay-out: You can claim any leftover credit after the festival from 6 pm on 6 June.

With our pre-orders you can also pre-order your cold Warsteiner beer, your festival shuttle ticket, your shower flat rate or your Cross Tools Travelbox.