When will the lineup be finalised?

As soon as the lineup has been published and is available online, you’ll find it here: Lineup

What parking & camping categories are there?

You can find more information on the parking & camping categories here.

Do I need an extra parking ticket with the camping ticket?

The tickets for the categories General Parking & Camping, Green Parking & Camping and Rock’n’Roll Parking & Camping include a parking permit for the associated camping area. For the Caravan Camping areas, you will need one caravan parking badge per vehicle and one Caravan Camping ticket per attendee.

Where do I affix the caravan badge?

The caravan badge should be affixed in the upper left of the windscreen of the towing vehicle or motorhome.

Is there an early arrival ticket this year?

No early arrival ticket is needed. We will be opening the parking and camping sites for all Rock am Ring attendees in possession of a valid Rock am Ring parking / camping ticket at 12pm on Wednesday 03 June 2020.

Are wristbands being issued all weekend?

Wristband issuing begins on Wednesday when the parking and camping areas open and happens at decentralised stations in the large parking areas. The decentralised stations are open continuously until midday on Friday. Once the festival begins, the stations at both entrances and at the bus station will remain open.

Is it possible to reserve a parking spot or a camping pitch?

No, unfortunately not. The size of the areas means it is impossible to reserve a particular parking spot or camping pitch. Anyone wanting to camp together should also arrive together!

How does the camping-area allocation work?

The camping areas are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. There are a number of teams that will help and instruct you regarding the assignment of the camping plots. Please accept their help and pay attention to the following information on the assignment of the camping plots:

• Only bring camping equipment to the Ring that is really necessary. You will make admission easier for yourselves and organisation easier for us!
• Avoid unnecessary structures and single-person tents – it will save space for all fans!
• Be sure not to leave any large gaps between tents.
• Avoid creating large open areas in the middle of a plot which are no longer seen as free camping space from the outside.
• Don’t block any areas for friends arriving later, because this stops the space from being used effectively. So please put up their tents at the same time as your own when you arrive and are setting up on a plot.

Are there individual water connections on the campsites?

No, but there are public sanitary facilities in all camping areas. All sanitary stations with flushing toilets are equipped with complimentary drinking-water stations. In total, there are more than 1000 taps. Please be considerate when using the taps and avoid damaging them, as this could result in the total closure of the stations!

Are there individual power outlets in the camping areas?

There are power outlets available to attendees in the Rock’n’Roll camping area, the Rock am Ring Experience and in the caravan camping areas. You can find more information in this document.

I am injured and would still like to take part in Rock am Ring. Is it possible to stay in the area for attendees with disabilities or another more protected area on the festival site?

No, this is not possible, as the area for attendees with disabilities is intended exclusively for this group of people.

I am pregnant and would still like to take part in Rock am Ring. Is it possible to stay in the area for attendees with disabilities or another more protected area on the camping and festival site?

No, this is not possible, as the area for attendees with disabilities is intended exclusively for this group of people. The duty of care for an unborn child is solely the mother’s responsibility and is not in the organiser’s hands.

Are there shopping facilities or a supermarket on the festival site or in the surrounding area?

The LIDL Rock Store is located in B1, just 100m away from the main entrance. Here you’ll find a wide variety of food, beverages and other festival supplies as well as ice to cool your groceries! All shuttlebuses stop at the supermarket from the mornings, helping you with your shopping before you come to the festival. https://www.lidl.de/de/lidl-rock-store/s7376664

What does “open fire is not allowed” mean?

Open campfires are prohibited for safety reasons.

Is barbecuing banned on the campsites?

Disposable and small, enclosed barbecues are allowed. For safety reasons, however, their use can be prohibited because of changing weather (e.g. storms).

To prevent accidents, the use of methylated spirits, petrol or other flammable liquids is prohibited. Only commercial charcoal lighters may be used in accordance with the operating instructions.

Can I use gas bottles on the campsites?

Camping gas cookers with gas cartridges up to a maximum fill weight of 450g are allowed. Only CO2 bottles with an authorised fill weight of 500g are permitted and only for operating drink taps. They must be secured against tipping and must not be readily accessible from outside. All other gas bottles are strictly prohibited. Any disregard for this rule will result in bottles being confiscated and no replacement offered! The only exceptions to this are gas bottles in the approved installations of motorhomes and caravans.

What types of drink packaging are allowed?

Glass bottles and glass containers are not allowed on the camping grounds. All other types of packaging are permitted. No drinks are allowed on the festival site – regardless of their packaging.

Can I take my photo or video camera onto the festival site?

Disposable cameras, pocket cameras and mobile phones are allowed. Professional photographic and video equipment is prohibited.

Are their discounts for members of band fan clubs?


What is the difference between Rock am Ring and Rock im Park?

Rock im Park takes place in the city of Nuremberg in Bavaria. Rock am Ring is held at the same time on the Nürburgring in the Eifel region. The same bands appear at both festivals, but on different days. Tickets are only valid for the relevant festival.

I’m not an adult yet. Can I still come to Rock am Ring?

Admission to the event site is not permitted for infants and young children under the age of 8 years.


Children aged between 8 and 14 years may only attend the concerts if accompanied by a guardian.

With parental consent, young people aged between 14 and 16 years are admitted unaccompanied by a guardian for concerts until midnight. You can find a written consent form here: Consent form.

For young people aged 16 years and over, admission to concerts and musical performances after midnight is approved when unaccompanied by a guardian.

Guardians are generally the parents, but not people acting with parental authority (e.g. an older friend). The above rules apply exclusively to concerts and not to any dance events in the area of the event site. The statutory provisions of the German Youth Protection Act (Jugendschutzgesetz or JuSchG) apply.


Under 16-year olds are only permitted to camp if accompanied by a guardian.

A person may act as a guardian if, either alone or jointly with another person, they are entitled to do so under the provisons of the German Civil Code. This is generally the parents, but not people acting with parental authority (e.g. an older friend).


The above rules apply exclusively to concerts and not to any dance events in the area of the event site. The same rules apply here as in every other discotheque: children and young people under 16 are not allowed to attend public dance events unless accompanied by a guardian, and young people aged 16 and over are allowed unaccompanied until no later than midnight.

The statutory provisions of the German Youth Protection Act (Jugendschutzgesetz or JuSchG) apply.

What do attendees with disabilities need to consider?

Attendees with disabilities who possess an official disability pass can book a Weekend Festival ticket and a Parking & Camping ticket in their desired category and will receive a complimentary ticket for an accompanying person. The only way to buy these tickets is by calling Frankfurt Ticket on 069 – 13 40 400 or Eventim on 01806 – 57 00 70.

In principle, attendees with disabilities can use all camping areas for which they have a valid ticket. Anyone who needs wheelchair-accessible showering facilities and a power supply can use a campsite with special facilities. The camping area for attendees with disabilities is located in area B2a, directly next to the main entrance. The site has wheelchair-accessible sanitary facilities and showers as well as power supplied by the organiser. You will need a General Parking & Camping category camping ticket for B2a. You can find further information here

My friends are arriving before me. Can I still camp with them?

If they bring your tent with them and put it up straight away, then this shouldn’t be a problem. Blocking/reserving empty areas for attendees arriving later is not permitted.

We are arriving with a caravan and cars. Can we camp together?

Anyone arriving with a motorhome, caravan or trailer tent with towing vehicle will automatically be directed into a caravan area. The use of these areas is reserved for attendees with Caravan Camping tickets plus a Caravan Parking Badge. In 2020, specific badges are being provided separately for areas B, C and D, meaning that attendees must park in their designated caravan area. The caravan areas are the only places where combined parking and camping is allowed for these vehicles and camper vans with built-in sleeping facilities. Single cars are not allowed there and must be parked in other parking areas. However, camping together is possible: an additional tent or awning can also be placed next to the vehicle. You will need a Caravan Camping ticket to access the area.

I am arriving in a car and want combined parking and camping

Unfortunately, that is not possible.

I am arriving on a motorcycle

There is a campsite for motorcyclists located in B2 and is combined with the campsite for attendees with disabilities. Here you can combine parking and camping with your motorcycle. The site can also be used for parking motorcycles.

What is Green Camping?

Green Camping Areas enable all environmentally conscious festival attendees to camp in separate areas. Special rules apply here.

Is the use of dry ice permitted?

For safety reasons, the use of dry ice is not allowed on the camping grounds and on the event site.

Crowd surfing and fireworks (flares)

Any endangerment of other attendees – particularly from “crowd surfing” or lighting fireworks (flares) – is strictly prohibited and will result in you being expelled from the site. Being expelled from the site will invalidate your entry ticket. There is no entitlement to re-admission or to a refund of the purchase price.

Who is allowed into the cordoned-off areas in front of the two main stages?

Any festival attendee, where capacity permits! The first cordoned-off area in front of each main stage has space for about 10,000 attendees and the second up to 15,000. The participantsin the Rock am Ring Experience, of which there are a maximum of 1,500, are guaranteed entry to one of the two cordoned-off areas.