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"Fiend, founded fourteen years ago, is a musical entity living on the fringes of the Paris underground. Bathed in a mystical occult atmosphere as much as deserted lunar landscapes and science fiction visions, the sound of the Franco-English-American quartet is difficult to categorize but the words stoner, doom, sludge and psychedelic seem to be the most used.

After the overwhelming reception of the debut album "Agla" in 2009, Fiend released their second album "Onerous" in 2014, pushing the mixture of oppressive heaviness and ethereal lyricism even further, while passing through the ghosts of the blues and a blend LaVeyo-Crowleyan magic.

2018 saw the release of their third album "Seeress" on Deadlight Entertainment.

Composed of musicians from Ministry, Treponem Pal, Les Tigres du Futur, Senser, Lodestar and 13 Zealots, Fiend has become a musical fix whose venom gradually takes the band members into an existential void.”